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5 Emerging Salesforce GenAI Roles

In the current landscape of Salesforce, the integration of GenAI has captured the attention of businesses aiming to enhance productivity and innovation. This interest extends from executive suites to various organizational levels (though not without some reservations). Salesforce's strategic partnerships with Accenture and Deloitte, and forthcoming enablement programs underscore a transformative wave driven by GenAI.

However, beyond the technology lies a critical need for skilled professionals to navigate the implementation and adoption of GenAI. Consultancies, in response to the escalating demand, are actively upskilling their workforce, reflecting the broader industry trend.

Let's delve into the emerging GenAI roles within the Salesforce domain.

1. Change Management Consultant: 

Functioning as the catalyst for GenAI technology adoption, these consultants play a pivotal role in allaying concerns, providing training, and establishing user-friendly guidelines. Their mission is to ensure the sustained and harmonious integration of GenAI technology, addressing potential resistance through comprehensive change management strategies.

2. Technical Architect/Consultant (Specialized in AI): 

At the core of GenAI implementation, these professionals are responsible for planning data flows, overseeing large-scale deployments, and mapping out the strategic direction of GenAI technologies within the Salesforce ecosystem. Their expertise lies in managing the intricate relationship between data and technology, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration.

5 GenAI Roles Transforming the Salesforce Job Landscape

3. Enterprise Architect/Consultant (Specialized in AI): 

Operating at a strategic level, these architects collaborate with the C-Suite to align commercial strategies. By leveraging analytical insights, they identify use cases that align with overarching organizational goals. The focus is on optimizing Salesforce with GenAI to achieve strategic business objectives.

4. Business Analyst: 

As intermediaries between business processes and technology, Business Analysts identify stakeholder groups, conduct thorough analyses, and contribute to the foundational phases of GenAI implementation. Their role is crucial in ensuring a smooth integration that aligns seamlessly with existing workflows.

5. AI Marketing Strategist:

These strategists assume a pivotal role in the marketing domain, overseeing identity resolution, chatbots, and real-time interaction management. Their responsibilities extend to crafting personalized customer experiences through GenAI, aligning with the broader marketing strategy.

5 GenAI Roles Transforming the Salesforce Job Landscape

These emerging roles signify the growing complexity and depth of expertise required to navigate the GenAI landscape within Salesforce. As the integration continues to unfold, these professionals will play instrumental roles in shaping the future of GenAI adoption.

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