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Platform Developer 1 - Certification Goal


June 2022 Exam Outline Update:

Salesforce has updated the official exam guide on June 17, 2022. There were small to medium type of updates, the main highlight was decreasing the sections from 5 to 4, and rebalancing the weighted percentages.

Salesforce Fundamentals and Data Modeling and Management were combined into 1 section which resulted with a lesser number of Objectives. There were a couple of Objectives from Process Automation and Logic and User Interface that were retired. 

There was no new content introduced, most of the changes will involve migrating of content from one section to another. Our team has started analyzing these changes and we will be gradually updating our materials. 


Our team has implemented all the changes as of 06/24/2022.


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Developer Fundamentals

Process Automation and Logic: Declarative Features

Process Automation and Logic: Basic Apex

Process Automation and Logic: Advanced Topics

User Interface

Testing, Debugging and Deployment: Testing

Testing, Debugging and Deployment: Debugging and Deployment


  1. Sébastien Vigé

    Hello Team !
    I got my Dev1 Cert on the second attempt 🙂 – I would have been able to nail the exam without stellar FoF content both lecture & exams. It is important to read the videos as they contain key elements + there fun to listen to 🙂
    The post mortem analysis of the first attempt was :
    –> my neighbourg started to play with is chainsaw when the exam started – duh
    –> I missed out on training the key Trailhead modules on Aura & LWC with coding practices (a must) – my bad
    –> After the first attempt I took an extra 10 days of prep to complete trailhead modules and focus on both Automation and Interfaces parts – reviewed the corresponding sections on FoF + exams studying provided links too
    Thank you team
    Next is sharing & Viz 🙂

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi Sebastien! That was a long page comment BUT let me tell you that I really enjoyed reading every bit of it. We are very pleased to know that you passed the Salesforce PD1 certification. Thanks for sharing all those tips and tricks to everyone. The Team is happy to know that the materials that we are keeping relevant and up-to-date were helpful to you and your preparation. Congratulations on a job well done!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi Venkatesh! We are glad to know that you have passed the PD1 Certification. You must have prepared yourself well since you got the passing mark in your first try. Job well done! Congratulations!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi Rogers! This is a very nice message to start a brand new week. Congratulations on passing your PD1 Certification. We’re glad that we were able to help you in your Salesforce journey. Best of luck on the next certifications that you would be preparing for. Cheers!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi! We are glad to know that you have passed the PD1 Certification. Congratulations on this milestone. It is our honor to be able to prepare you well for the exam you had. Great job! On to the next goals that you have set! We wish you all the best on your next certifications. Job well done!

  2. Joye Zhou

    Dear Course Teacher,
    In our course, it’s said that ‘Visualforce overrides are supported for new, edit, view, tab, list and clone actions in Lightning console apps. They are not currently supported for delete and custom action.’ But in site. it’s said that ‘Action overrides aren’t supported in Lightning console apps, and are silently ignored when invoked. If a Lightning console app user triggers an action that has been overridden, they see the standard action instead. If they trigger the same action outside of a Lightning console app, they see the overridden action.” So would you please help to explain this reason for me, thanks in advance!

    1. Ian Focus Team

      Hi Joye, thanks for the inquiry. It’s true that Visualforce allows overrides for new, edit, view, tab, list, clone, and does not support overrides for delete and custom actions as mentioned here:

      Please note that you may be referring to outdated documentation: (API v41.0 – Winter 18) that talks specifically about Lightning component action overrides. From Spring 18 onwards, action overrides that use Lightning components have been supported:

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hello Reno! Passing on the first try is great. Cheers to that milestone. It’s a pleasure for us to know that the FOF materials have been very helpful in preparing you for your actual certification. Best wishes on your next certification goals!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hello Marlie. We are in high hopes that our materials will help you prepare well for your examination. The topics covered in the study guides and practice exams are concentrated on the objectives in the exam outline. We recommend you taking the practice exams over and over until you obtain the highest score possible. It’s highly recommended also to reference Trailhead and other Salesforce documentation when you encounter topics that may still not be very clear to you, or you may post your inquiries here or in the feedback forums. Lastly, it’s best to gain more hands-on experience in the Salesforce platform especially if you don’t work with it on a regular basis.

      You may also utilize the MY STUDY PLAN.

      Best wishes!

    1. Ian Focus Team

      Hi, thanks for the inquiry. The actual exam contains 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions. So, it doesn’t require you to write code. However, it does have questions that ask you which syntax, function, block of code, etc. is the correct or best answer. So, familiarity or knowledge of the Apex programming language is an important aspect in passing the exam. More info on the exam details can be found here: