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Sales Cloud Consultant - Certification Goal

This study guide covers all of the topics in the Sales Cloud exam. It includes summaries of all topics, screenshots and review questions. The percentage weighting from the official study guide is added after each topic name.


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  1. Dori Meron

    Hey all,

    I have passed the exam last week and I wanted to thank FoF for the comprehensive study guide and practice exams. This is the third certification that I have cleared through you guys, and now, Service might be the 4th!

    1. Starkey

      Hi Dori! This is a very nice message to start a brand new week. Congratulations on passing your third Certification. We’re glad that we were able to help you in your Salesforce journey. Best of luck on the next certifications that you would be preparing for. Sending you cheers as you prepare for Service Cloud!

  2. Natarajan kanala

    Hi All,

    I cleared the Sales cloud certification today. I want to thank Focus on force for the study guides. I took this exam 10 days after clearing the Admin exam as I wished to retain that preparation .


    1. Starkey

      First the Admin Cert and now Sales Cloud, wow! You’re on a good roll Natarajan! Congratulations! The whole FOF Team cheers for you! Way to go!

  3. Mario

    So, I could swear there are no study material on Social Account, Lead and Contact but there are several questions on the study exam…
    Or maybe I missed it?

    1. Sara S.

      Hi Mario,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will add information about it in the Sales Productivity and Solution Design pages.

      1. Ronny Blom

        Hi Sara,

        Your answer here confuses me a little as I recently asked a question about this same ‘issue’ to which you replied that ‘This detailed objective has been retired’. You indicated that the questions would be moved/removed. Seeing your answer here makes me think that perhaps I do need to study Social Account, Lead and Contact as part of my prep for the exam.

        Would you be able to clarify which one is correct?

        Here’s the link to the topic I raised a while back:
        Please login to view this protected content

        Thank you in advance for clarifying, Just trying to make sure I can go into the exam as well-prepared as possible.

        1. Sara S.

          Hi Ronny,

          We decided to add information about ‘Social Accounts, Leads, and Contacts’ to other sections to make sure that we have this feature covered in case it comes up in the exam.

          Apologies for the confusion caused.

  4. brahim bougoutaia

    I passed my certification on the first attempt. This is the third certification i passed with the FOF support Thanks for all.
    Let’s go to the service certification now !

  5. Albert Morata Royes

    Hi guys, Thanks to your accurate, valuable materials I got my Sales Cloud Consultant last night. Not sure how else I would have made it! Some of the exam questions were similar if not identical. The exam was tough, and the preparation long, But it would have been impossible without you. I tried alone last October and failed. Now, not only did I learn but I enjoyed it 😉

    Cheers from Switzerland, & C u soon after celebrating this achievement to prepare the next challenge!

    1. Rielle G.

      Awesome news, Albert! Congratulations on clearing the exam, and thank you for sharing your experience! The whole FOF team is happy to know that we are able to help, cheers!

    1. Rielle G.

      Hello Kalyani, thanks for your interest in the CPQ course, this is really a popular request from the community so this is something that we will consider in our plan to add new courses this year.

    1. Rielle G.

      hi Michael, we are planning on adding new courses this year and CPQ is a popular request from the community so we will definitely consider it.