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10 Einstein AI Use Cases for Salesforce Pros in 2024

In the dynamic world of Salesforce, Einstein AI is transforming the way professionals leverage artificial intelligence to enhance their workflows. Let's explore 10 Einstein AI use cases that can elevate the capabilities of Salesforce professionals.

1. Bring Your Own LLM in Model Builder: 

Einstein AI empowers you to customize your AI models through the Model Builder. This tool allows you to bring your own Language Model (LLM) tailored to your business needs. For instance, imagine a sales team utilizing a personalized language model to enhance sentiment analysis, enabling them to gauge customer satisfaction more accurately.

2. Salesforce Einstein Studio: 

Einstein Studio simplifies the deployment of AI by connecting custom models built with external services like Google Vertex AI. By training these models on data within the Salesforce Data Cloud, businesses can address specific needs efficiently. Consider a scenario where a marketing team integrates an external model to predict customer preferences, enhancing targeted advertising strategies.

Salesforce Einstein AI Use Cases

3. Salesforce Einstein Copilot: 

Meet Einstein Copilot, your conversational AI assistant embedded across Salesforce applications. It automates tasks using out-of-the-box actions or custom actions calling Flows, Apex, or MuleSoft APIs. Picture a support team streamlining case management with Einstein Copilot, automating routine inquiries and escalating complex issues for personalized attention.

4. Salesforce Einstein Analytics: 

Unleash the power of data analysis with Einstein Analytics. Visualize insights from multiple sources, creating bespoke dashboards for your unique business needs. For example, a finance team can utilize Einstein Analytics to track and analyze expenditure patterns, aiding in strategic budget planning.

5. Salesforce Einstein Discovery: 

Discover hidden patterns and insights within your data using Einstein Discovery. Craft custom models aligned with your business goals. Think of a scenario where a HR team leverages Einstein Discovery to predict employee retention factors, aiding in proactive employee engagement strategies.

6. Salesforce Einstein Language: 

Delve into text data with Einstein Language. Create custom models to extract valuable insights. Imagine a customer support team using Einstein Language to analyze customer feedback, identifying key trends and areas for improvement in real-time.

Salesforce Einstein AI Use Cases

7. Salesforce Einstein Vision: 

Gain insights from image data with Einstein Vision. Create custom models for your business needs. Consider a retail team implementing Einstein Vision to analyze product images, optimizing inventory management and enhancing the customer shopping experience.

8. Salesforce Einstein Intent: 

Analyze customer interactions and uncover insights with Einstein Intent. Build custom models to enhance your understanding of customer behavior. Visualize a sales team utilizing Einstein Intent to identify customer buying signals, streamlining the sales process and improving conversion rates.

9. Salesforce Einstein Prediction Builder: 

Predict outcomes and drive data-driven decisions with Einstein Prediction Builder. Craft custom models aligned with your business objectives. Think of a scenario where a logistics team uses Prediction Builder to forecast delivery times, improving customer satisfaction through accurate expectations.

10. Salesforce Einstein Voice: 

Interact with Salesforce using voice commands with Einstein Voice. Create custom voice commands tailored to your business needs. Envision a scenario where a busy executive updates Salesforce records on the go, using Einstein Voice to make quick updates and stay connected to critical business data.

In the evolving landscape of Salesforce, Einstein AI hands professionals an assortment of tools to spark innovation, streamline operations, and gain a richer insight into their business realm. So, why not explore the potentials and let Einstein AI reshape the way you navigate your work this year?

It's a journey worth taking!

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