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      1. Matt Scranton

        Excellent! After I pass PD1, that is the next certification that I will be attempting so having the same quality of prep resources available to me from your site will be extremely beneficial!

  1. Lekha Govil

    Hello Team,

    I cleared my Admin exam. The course provided me a wide picture of Administrative tasks and was definitely helpful from the exam point of view also.


    1. Rielle Gregorio

      Hi Gabriel, there are no plans of adding the Einstein Analytics for now as our main focus is to continuously improve the current courses that we offer and to complete the Javascript Developer I course.

  2. Thomas Waterfield

    Hi FoF team,

    Please can you confirm if a Pardot course and exams is in your road map, as it appears not even Trailhead has comprehensive modules for this!? Finding it difficult to know where it can be learnt if there is no training material for it.

    Thanks all, appreciate your help.

    Kind regards,


    1. Zrna Anicic

      Hi Thomas, thanks for your interest in future courses. We would like to have Pardot, but we can confirm that it won’t happen during this year. We’re currently focused on the Javascript Developer course, and it will probably be the only course that we will release this year.

      What will be the next course after this one will depend on users’ interest.

  3. Duncan Hawvermale

    Hi FF team, I just wanted to pass along that I passed the Salesforce Admin exam on Saturday! Your study guide and practice exams were extremely helpful and integral in me passing the exam. I look forward to utilizing your materials for upcoming Salesforce Certifications!

    1. Zrna Anicic

      Hi Alex, thanks for your interest. We would like to have CPQ, but we won’t have it in the near future as we’re working on a Javascript developer. We hope that we will have time for CPQ and some other courses next year!