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Sales Cloud Consultant Certification

Service Cloud Consultant Certification

Experience (Community) Cloud Consultant Certification

Javascript Developer 1 Certification

Service Cloud Consultant Certification

Experience (Community) Cloud Consultant Certification

Javascript Developer 1 Certification


  1. Deepro De

    Hey Team!
    I’m so happy to announce that I got my Platform Developer 1 credentials today in my very first attempt. Thank you so much FOF team, the course materials and the practise exams were very useful and gave me an thorough knowledge and guidance regarding the types of questions and how to solve them.
    Please keep doing this kind of stellar work. Cheers!

  2. Y@tForce

    Hello Great Team, Passed my Admin in first attempt, thanks to your guides!! Very helpful. Passed App Builder and Developer I also in first attempt during the last 2 years, thanks again to the FOF resources! Highly recommended. Keep going with the great work! Just one question, when is the summer release? And will the set of questions and study guide updated accordingly? Thanks

    1. Rielle Gregorio

      Awesome news, Y@tForce! Congratulations on clearing the exams! The whole team is happy to know that we are able to help! Salesforce does not announce the specific date on when a release will take effect on the official exam guide. As soon as a release update is implemented, our team analyzes the release notes and updates the materials based on changes in the release and also updates the materials based on community feedback. This is a continual process and the materials you have access to, are updated dynamically as they are accessed online.

      We always make the effort to ensure that our practice exam questions and study guide content are aligned with the current exam guide.

    1. Rielle Gregorio

      Hi Pankaj, thanks for your interest in the Integration Architecture course. Our team plans to add new course/s this year, though we have not finalized which course it is yet, this is a popular request from our community so we will definitely consider it.

    1. Sara S.

      Hi Jim,

      We currently do not have any new courses in the pipeline, but we will consider CPQ in the future since there’s a big demand for it.

      1. Jim Stoltzfus

        Thank you Sara! Really grateful to your team and all the help provided with the 6 certs I’ve gotten so far. If anyone has other suggestions for CPQ (other than trailheads of course), I’d welcome them @jimstoltzfus

  3. muthukrishnan.l

    Hi Team , Greetings!! , I am new to Salesforce and focusonforce , am from Dotnet (Dotnet Framework 4.6 and C#.Net 7) background , I’ve registered 3 days before for Platform Developer-I Certification. Kindly guide me how to use this courses and Exams effectively .

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Muthukrishnan, we suggest that you use the study guide and practice exams together. Go through the study guide topics one by one, then use the practice exam topic exam to test your knowledge. Once you are done with the entire set of topics, test yourself with the practice exams, to find the areas where you need to focus on more. Set a reasonable schedule for yourself, as you are new to Salesforce it maybe a good idea to allow yourself 3-6 months to go through the material, but Salesforce recommends you also have practical hands on experience to complement learning the theory, so make sure you have enough opportunity to do actual development at the same time.