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Is Salesforce The Most Popular CRM?

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms in use today. One reason it’s so popular is that Salesforce offers a ton of integrations and customization options for their customers. So, for example, if you need to integrate with your company website, you can do that easily with this platform. 

Another reason people like using Salesforce is because they have such an easy user interface to navigate through. If you’re looking for a CRM with all these cool features and will work well for your business, I would recommend trying out Salesforce!

Focus on customer success.

Salesforce was founded on a simple principle: to help our customers succeed. That principle has formed the basis of our business model, underscoring a culture of constant innovation throughout our organization. 

They’ve built an entire ecosystem around customer success and packed it with teams of customer success managers, program architects, a broad network of partners and independent software vendors, and a vibrant and active Success Community.

What’s more, they work with you to keep delivering value, even as your business grows and changes. From their customer success managers and consulting programs to our certifications program and Trailhead, they’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Salesforce investments.

Grow your sales, service, and marketing with solutions specifically for small businesses.

Salesforce provides the leading tools that help small businesses find customers, win their business, and keep them happy for life. They make it easy to connect your systems so you can build closer relationships with customers and grow your business faster than ever.  

Because they deliver cloud-based solutions, Salesforce requires none of the upfront cost of its on-premises competitors. There’s no need for expensive hardware installation or IT support so that an entire company can get up and running on Salesforce fast. 

Maintenance happens automatically. And if an issue arises, a support technician investigates the problem in a matter of minutes, not days. This means less downtime, cheaper maintenance, and more time spent growing the business.

Use a platform that grows with you.

Small and midsize businesses need to be sure their technology will scale with growth. With Salesforce, it’s easy to add users and functionality in just a few clicks. Wouldn’t you rather grow your business on a single, secure, and scalable platform that’s easy to customize and upgrade without anything breaking?

Salesforce is the complete CRM solution we call Salesforce Customer 360. By connecting every part of your business in Salesforce, you’ll get the single, unified customer view you need to deliver success to every customer at every stage of your company’s growth.

Get cutting-edge technology and innovation with Salesforce, guaranteed.

Innovation with Salesforce

Salesforce is dedicated to leading the CRM industry and defining the future for many industries. 

Product upgrades, new features, and groundbreaking technology (like artificial intelligence) are rolled out to all users automatically and effortlessly, three times each year for free. In addition, Salesforce’s innovative and secure cloud technology enables users to keep improving so your business can move faster than ever.

Scalability & Customization

CRM software is an investment. Not only should it take care of a business’s current requirements, but also of future needs as well. And every company that makes such an investment requires THAT assurance. That is exactly what Salesforce is capable of doing. So, whether it is looking after a company’s current customer relationships or looking after a customer base that builds over the next five years, Salesforce has the capacity and ability to scale up.

Every business has its own needs, which is the same as a business’s customers. Not only is Salesforce scalable, but it can be customized to fit the unique needs of a business. According to Salesforce statistics, 86% of consumers admit to personalization playing an important role in purchasing decisions.

Salesforce makes it possible for businesses to personalize emails that are sent out to customers. Salesforce also takes the unique purchase history of every client into consideration. With the Salesforce App Cloud, businesses can create and run all of their personalized applications.

Multitenant architecture

One of the major advantages of Salesforce is that its performance does not vary between large or small clients. Every business client – big or small, has the advantage of having access to one infrastructure and one platform. That means all customers have common networking, hardware, and software platform. The multitenant architecture also ensures that updates and upgrades are instantaneous, without any requirement of customer intervention.

Partner ecosystem

When you become a Salesforce AppExchange partner, you will have access to the widest range of free and popular apps. You can also develop apps for Salesforce and market these as well. Furthermore, you have access to a wide range of tools, allowing you to find the tools you require easily.


One of the most important aspects of businesses that use CRM is data security. Therefore, data security has been one of the focus points of Salesforce right from the beginning. This is very important as many CRMs do not pay attention to security issues related to a business’s data. Salesforce, however, has pre-installed security features that allow business owners to decide who within their organization can access their data, making this a very reliable and secure software.

The advantages of Salesforce cloud apps

Salesforce cloud apps

Salesforce offers several innovative SaaS solutions that enable businesses to use a common platform. This, in turn, works out less expensive. Businesses can ensure their sales efforts improve several folds, and even their communications are better-enhanced through the different Salesforce cloud offerings. These cloud offerings are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Chatter. Sales Cloud is a feature-packed, tools-loaded platform that takes care of everything customer-related, from contact management to sales pipeline monitoring and leads nurturing to performance analytics.

Packed with features for market and salespersons

Salesforce is so popular because it is packed with features like no other CRM software. Features such as contact management, workflow creation, task management, opportunity tracking, collaboration tools, customer engagement tools, analytics, and an intuitive mobile-ready dashboard. Along with these features, there are features designed for marketers such as social media integration, marketing leads monitoring, and email integration. For salespeople, sales forecasting, sales communities, and sales lead monitoring are all helpful features.

If you think of implementing Salesforce in your organization, you can get in touch with SalesFix – a reliable and affordable Salesforce implementation, integration, and servicing company.

Salesforce has a sterling reputation

Salesforce has earned a reputation as an industry leader in the cloud computing and social enterprise software-as-a-service spaces. The company’s name is one of the most recognizable globally and has become synonymous, in the minds of many, with CRM. “CRM” is even the symbol for Salesforce’s New York Stock Exchange ticker! In addition, Salesforce has received numerous accolades and awards for its products and services, including being named the #1 CRM provider by International Data Corporation for five years running.

From Spotify to Adidas to Toyota and many more, Salesforce provides CRM software for some of the world’s largest and most recognizable corporations. But don’t be fooled into thinking that Salesforce is only suitable for enterprise-level businesses. Each Salesforce implementation can be highly customized to meet the needs of any organization, including small businesses and mid-market enterprises.

Salesforce offers a high-quality product

After nearly 20 years on the market, Salesforce CRM is a robust solution that is secure, highly customizable, scalable, easy to use, and comes with a proven track record. In addition, Salesforce is built on a multitenant architecture, which means that all customers — regardless of which edition they purchase — use the same infrastructure and platform. 

Salesforce also offers industry-specific capabilities to address the unique challenges businesses face in numerous verticals. These qualities have made Salesforce CRM the CRM of choice for over 150,000 users.

Salesforce boasts a powerful ecosystem

Salesforce powerful ecosystem

In addition to a stable, powerful solution, Salesforce also has an expansive ecosystem consisting of customers, developers, and partners. The Salesforce Success Community enables customers to connect, ask questions, and provide feedback to the company. In addition, AppExchange, Salesforce’s application marketplace, is both a place for Salesforce developers and registered partners to make apps publicly available and a place for customers to purchase and download apps.

Salesforce’s partner ecosystem consists of independent software vendors, consultants, and system integrators — provides customers with every support imaginable, from software implementation to application development to managed services. In addition, this partner ecosystem makes it easier for customers to find a qualified partner or hire a trained Salesforce administrator.

Salesforce’s pricing model is relatively unique

When Salesforce first entered the market, competitors such as Oracle and SAP charged expensive fixed monthly or annual rates for hardware, software, upgrades, and support. Salesforce shifted the pricing paradigm by introducing a per-user fee billed annually. Since then, more cloud-based business applications have made the switch to a per-user license fee, clearly proving that Salesforce is a leader in its field.

There are currently four editions of Salesforce CRM. The price for each edition includes upgrades — three per year — so you never have to pay extra for innovation. And, speaking of Salesforce upgrades…

Salesforce upgrades are backwards compatible.

For the uninitiated, backward compatibility refers to any software or hardware system capable of using data and interfaces from earlier versions of that system. In this context, it means that, no matter how customized your Salesforce implementation, the periodic upgrades will never break anything or affect all the hard work you’ve put into your system. This is ideal for obvious reasons and significantly reduces the amount of downtime during a system update.

Best of all, Salesforce automates all upgrades, so you’ll never have to worry about manually updating your CRM.

Salesforce is constantly innovating

As one of the earliest cloud-based CRM solutions on the market, Salesforce was forged in the fires of innovation. However, the company has never lost sight of its origins, with Salesforce business leaders continually looking for new and inventive ways to improve products and services, including forming strategic partnerships, making acquisitions, and investing in product innovation in hot topic areas such as AI (as seen in Salesforce Einstein), Big Data, data analytics, and bot technology.

This commitment to innovation has earned Salesforce praise from peers and industry tastemakers alike. The company has consistently been ranked among the top three companies on Forbes’ annual Most Innovative Companies list since 2011 and was named one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2017.

Salesforce gives back.

Salesforce gives back

When it comes to evaluating potential CRM providers, their philanthropy is probably low on your list — and understandably so. However, if you choose between multiple highly qualified candidates, a provider’s charitable efforts can be a meaningful differentiator.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has been a vocal advocate for multiple causes over the years, from calling on fellow tech company billionaires to help end homelessness in San Francisco, to making sizable donations to children’s hospitals. When he founded Salesforce, Benioff also developed the 1-1-1 Philanthropic Model — a call for businesses to pledge 1 percent of their revenue, product, and employees’ time to nonprofits — and it’s become a key element of Salesforce’s company culture.

Even if CRM provider philanthropy isn’t a top priority for your organization, it can be comforting to know that you’re getting industry-leading products and services and doing some good for the world at the same time.

The world’s most important companies work with Salesforce

According to figures from 2018, Salesforce offers services to 99 of the 100 companies on the Fortune 100 list, while globally, as mentioned, 150,000 companies use Salesforce’s CRM platform to improve their business.

Salesforce customers include all kinds of companies from all industries, with names such as German telecom giant T-Mobile, US logistics company Western Union and internationally renowned sports brand Adidas standing out.

These six points reflect Salesforce’s success:

  • Its customers’ success measures Salesforce’s success: “grow with the partner who puts your success above all else.”
  • Transfer your business to the Cloud: a secure setting and infrastructure so you won’t have to shell out hardware.
  • Cutting-edge technology: building a successful business requires the best technology. Salesforce offers three annual reviews with new features that include analytics, IoT and artificial intelligence.
  • Enjoy a 360º view of the customer: by connecting systems and databases and bringing together all the data received from customers, Salesforce enables businesses to find a large amount of information in a single place.
  • Solve problems with integrated apps: With AppExchange, Salesforce provides more than 3,000 integrated apps for direct use.
  • Run your business from your mobile: Salesforce’s mobile app lets you manage all your activities – from meetings to reports – from your smartphone.