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Why is Salesforce so popular?

For many developers, Salesforce is the first choice for creating customer-centric applications. Salesforce has an intuitive interface and offers a clear vision of what to do next. It’s also robust enough to handle anything you throw at it. 

In this blog post, we will explore some of the reasons why companies choose to build with Salesforce as their go-to tool for data processing and app development.

In the Cloud

The first reason to switch to Salesforce is that it is cloud-based. In today’s digital world, cloud-based software providers are head and shoulders ahead of the competition. 

When a CRM is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection. 

So, your sales team can log in from their smartphones or tablets on the road, check their customer profiles, and access all the data they need.

In addition, cloud-based solutions are continually upgraded and patched, which is more secure for you and ensures the tools you use are always cutting-edge.

In the Cloud

Highly Customizable

One of the reasons why people love using Salesforce is that it is very easy to customize. Users can personalize it to suit their needs, add more modules, and customize the software to fit the business’s needs. 

For example, your sales team can send out personalized emails to customers, which are more effective. 

They can also add workflows, create new sales processes, and add custom fields. If you need to scale up or down at any time, this is easy to do, which is a bonus for growing businesses.

A Great Set of Reporting Tools

Reporting tools are something Salesforce excels at. 

You can monitor your team, download reports on each customer, manage contracts, and analyze data to your heart’s content. Salesforce’s reporting tools are intuitive and easy to use, so data analysis is a dream.

Data Security

Security is a high-level concern for most businesses these days. It’s no longer acceptable to misuse customer data or not protect it from opportunistic hackers. 

One area that Salesforce prioritizes is security. As a result, Salesforce CRM has several pre-installed data security features. 

For example, business owners and managers can specify who has access to what data within the CRM, thus ensuring only senior personnel have access to more sensitive customer information, such as financial data.


Salesforce can be integrated with other third-party applications, such as ERP systems, order systems, accounting systems, and marketing systems. This adds extra value and allows emails to be integrated into your CRM, among other things.


If you visit the AppExchange in Salesforce, you can even develop and market your app, as well as access hundreds of other verified apps.

Salesforce is a force to be reckoned with. If you’re not already using it, you should be.

Pricing Model

Salesforce Reasonable Pricing Model

The Salesforce pricing model is unique as compared to other CRM software. For example, before Salesforce, companies like Oracle and SAP used to charge a hefty fee on the software they provided, the hardware, and upgrades. Later, when Salesforce came into competition, it introduced a fee per user per month, which was unique. 

Salesforce’s CRM pricing offers four different editions: Sales edition, professional edition, enterprise edition, and unlimited edition. Upgrades are offered three times a year and free of cost.

Collaboration and Accessibility

Salesforce CRM system is an expansive ecosystem consisting of customers, developers, and partners. 

Salesforce CRM is powered by many features that enable people of various departments to work and exchange data seamlessly. 

As the data is stored on the cloud, all your team members can stay up to date with the latest information, and you stay connected with your customers all the time. 

Using Salesforce CRM content, customers can ask questions and also provide feedback about the organization. In addition, Salesforce is a place for both developers and vendors. The ecosystem consists of vendors, consultants, and system integrators and supports customers right from software implementation to application development.


The Salesforce team works round the clock to provide upgrades to the existing software to provide a better experience to the users. 

The Salesforce team regularly takes feedback from its existing customer and incorporates new features into the software. 

Another interesting feature offered by Salesforce is backward compatibility. 

This means, no matter what the upgrade might be, the environment that has been customized will not be affected, and you can still use all the functionalities.


Salesforce business leaders are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve their products and services, which includes partnerships with companies and investing in product improvements by incorporating the latest technologies like AI, Bigdata, and ML to improve the product’s performance.

Quote Management

With Salesforce, your business can automate the process of configuring, pricing, and quoting to simplify quote management. 

Using this, sales representatives can provide their customers with an exact quote for a particular product and service faster. 

Salesforce lightning eases invoice generation and cash collection process.

The Salesforce Confidence

Salesforce has been used for almost two decades now, and it is a well-known brand name. Thousands of businesses worldwide have used it, and most have seen their sales figures rise, and their lead generation efforts have been boosted. 

This confidence is based on the success of previous organizations that have used Salesforce. That confidence has helped the software release more useful updates, resulting in a cascading effect of success and efficiency made possible by collective effort and togetherness, often described as “Ohana” by Salesforce.

The Salesforce Promise

Benefits of Operational CRM

Most businesses invest in Salesforce because it promises them a better future. 

They see other businesses growing because of Salesforce, and they buy into this promise when they decide to invest in it. Most businesses are rarely disappointed in Salesforce, and this promise continues to fulfill the expectations of its users. Salesforce’s innovation is well known, and businesses love this tool’s ability to bring more innovative features that help them innovate their products and services. 

When they understand their customer’s needs, the businesses bring better features to their services or products. That’s exactly what Salesforce helps them do.

Always Reliable

Salesforce has concisely released updates, and upgrading to a newer version is never a problem for businesses that use this tool. However, we can often notice that upgrades are a big problem for large and small businesses, even though they have fewer data stored on servers. 

Salesforce makes updating data hassle-free, and upgrading the software to the next version is often seamless and easy as well. This makes Salesforce one of the most reliable software tools around.


If you have noticed, Salesforce was one of the first customer relationship management tools to table with enterprise mobility. It has always had a mobile-first approach, which has helped companies reach out to their audiences on mobile devices. 

While most CRM tools today offer mobility features, Salesforce was something of a pioneer. This has built the company a positive reputation among businesses that its tools are mobile-friendly.

Coding is neither difficult nor necessary.

If customizations are needed, it is always easy to add a little code or add a lot of it to change the tool completely. However, Salesforce also makes it possible to use it without any coding. 

However, if one desires, it is easy to customize only a few features with a little coding or completely bring an overhaul by engaging in advanced coding. This helps businesses to bring better services and features to their target audience.

Coding is neither difficult nor necessary.

Diverse Community

If there is one thing that all businesses swear by when it comes to Salesforce, it is its community. Its diverse community helps companies get help and support and find customization services, clear doubts, and access a pool of developer talent that is simply unsurpassed. In addition, great applications are available on AppExchange, which helps companies solve all their problems without investing in additional coding. 

AppExchange has been particularly noted for its varied options and its ability to offer versatile solutions to Salesforce users.

Easy to use and learn

User-friendly CRM Software

An important feature of any CRM is its ability to be implemented and used right away. Salesforce is easy to install, and users can easily learn how to use it. Training employees to use Salesforce is not difficult, thanks to its intuitive user interface and user experience. 

Salesforce can effortlessly be taught to employees and users, and even after customizing it, it can still be used with ease. 

After all, one of the most challenging things is to get employees to use a CRM regularly and effectively. As Salesforce is easy to use and has an intuitive UX/UI, employees naturally prefer to use this tool.

Great analytics and business intelligence

Salesforce provides valuable insight into how customers behave, respond, and react to marketing campaigns. In addition, it provides information regarding marketing trends, lead generation, and management — all of which help develop better marketing campaigns. 

Report generation helps businesses to access data which helps to improve products and services quickly. With easy access to deep insights and analytics, businesses have no reason to complain about Salesforce.

Integrating with other tools is easy.

Businesses are increasingly looking at integrating Salesforce and other CRM tools with their enterprise resource planning solutions (ERP). 

It helps them bring their customer relationship management and back-end processes together, helping automate many processes that otherwise need to be copied or duplicated. This saves valuable time and effort and helps businesses got to focus on their core activities. 

Salesforce is particularly amenable to integration thanks to its API. Integrating Salesforce with ERP helps companies manage their inventories better and bring the best customer service to their target audience.


When a business adopts Salesforce, they are purchasing something that makes them ready for the future. With its undeniable focus on innovation and making technology ready for tomorrow, Salesforce has been at the forefront of innovation and development. 

This makes businesses place more trust in Salesforce and continue to use it as their CRM of choice, as it prepares them for an uncertain future.

Salesforce has been in use for a long time now, and people have an undeniable level of trust in the tool. This much-loved CRM solution has been successfully used by thousands of businesses across the world. 

Thanks to its reliability, regular updates, ease of use, and elimination of complex coding; Salesforce continues to be one of the most popular CRM tools out there. However, if a business wishes to customize Salesforce to suit its needs, a developer is available. 

This versatility and accessibility make Salesforce extremely popular among businesses.

Multitenant Architecture

Marketing automation CRM

While Salesforce is a scalable solution, its performance capabilities and features are not affected by its size. Regardless of how small or large the company is and what that business needs from its CRM, it can utilize this single platform. 

Because the entire infrastructure is on a single platform, everything from updating data records to upgrading software and tackling other essential tasks can be completed seamlessly and efficiently. 

This is opposed to a multi-platform environment. Such fractured environments lack the efficiency that Salesforce provides through periodic upgrades, daily functions, and more. Employees and customers alike can benefit from Salesforce’s seamless functionality.

Salesforce Cloud Apps

The robust functionality of Salesforce continues with its optional SaaS solutions. 

Because these solutions are integrated within the platform, businesses can enjoy financial savings and efficient internal operations. Some of the cloud-based solutions are Sales Cloud, Sales Chatter, and Service Cloud. 

When these apps are combined with the other features and advantages of Salesforce, this CRM becomes the ultimate business application. 

Marketing and Sales Features

While customer relationships may be nurtured across multiple departments in a typical business, the sales and marketing departments often interact with customers to a much higher level. As a result, Salesforce has a range of features specifically designed with sales and marketing activities in mind. 

In addition to serving as a contact manager, Salesforce offers analytics, customizable dashboards, customer engagement tools, opportunity and lead tracking, task management, and other functions. Additionally, marketers can appreciate social media integration, email integration, and several other role-specific features. 

You can see that Salesforce is the complete CRM solution that your business needs. While many of your employees may take advantage of the desktop interface, there is also a mobile-ready platform that your team can utilize remotely. In addition, a custom app can be developed specifically to suit your business’s needs.